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We are the Premier Independent Cell Tower Lease Advocates

We do not work for the Cell Tower companies.

Been called to extend your existing wireless lease, sell a perpetual easement, or sell an assignment of your lease to a 3rd party?

Based on the terms of your current lease, this is not an opportunity that will likely be in your favor,… yet. If your lease is under market, as is so often the case, then so is the offer. The Tower Companies and Wireless Carriers need to extend your lease or buy it out at the lowest possible expense to them, as quickly as possible. The truth is the Tower and Wireless Companies need you more than they want you to believe – Do not let them take advantage of you anymore. Let us help you leverage your position. We will tell you what they do not want you to know. Talk to our experts about how to get a fair deal and start receiving the real market value for your property.

About Us

Premier Alliance is a team of experienced cell tower lease experts. We work for you, getting the benefit you are owed.  Do not be taken advantage of by the companies who need your property.

We are not attorneys, we are professionals in the wireless lease industry with the knowledge and commitment to advocate on your behalf. We are not trying to buy your lease, your property, or charge you anything until the deal is done.

We will work diligently to fully explain and provide you with a thorough analysis. There are many factors that determine a cell site’s value – the tower companies DO NOT share this information with  you. They want to get as much as they can from you, as cheaply as possible, and as quick as possible.

Our Expertise

Yrs. Industry Experience & Inside Knowledge

Yrs. Wireless Lease Contract Experience


We will discuss ALL options with you so that you can decide what is best for YOU.

Who We Work With

Property Owners / Rooftops

Call us to find out everything you need to know and how to start receiving the true value of your lease.

Billboard Owners

Call us to find out everything you need to know and how to start receiving the true value of your lease.

Municipalities & Business Owners

We are here to help any entity that holds a wireless lease and wants to increase the asset the hold immediately.

Complimentary assessment

We do not get paid until you get paid – Complimentary assessment of your wire lease and realistic valuation for greater returns.

Why You Need Us…


We Listen

We evaluate and assess based on your needs and vision and create a plan of action to implement and execute solutions for you. By evaluating your lease and your site, we can help clear up all of the uncertainty you likely have.


Provide Answers

Informing the lease owner of potential profits based on the tower market and sub-tenant installations. We provide answers and insight to get you the most value out of your current wireless lease.


Under Pressure?

The tower companies will continue to pressure you to do something NOW… that is because it is their best interest to secure the existing site for as long as possible.  Threats of relocating or moving the tower are a threat tactic for uninformed lease holders.

Increased Rents

3 to 4x what you are currently receiving.  Offers from companies are nowhere near what they will actually pay. We can tell you what those figures are and exactly what the situation is with the tower – how much they are making by keeping you in the dark. Many leases that commenced years ago were undervalued and rents were negotiated as risky investments.


Secure Lease Rents

Most leases were structured so that it is at the option of the “Lessor” as to whether or not they want to continue the lease at each 5 yr. renewal for “any reason or no reason at all”.  They may say this is a two-way street.  At the end of the day, they are in the drivers’ seat, making all the rules and leaving you with little to no ability to control what is happening on your property. However, at the end of the day, everyday, it is YOUR property.  We will help you get in the game.


Perpetual Easements

Value of Lease Payouts.  The tower companies pay large bonuses to employees who buy these for under market value.  They are encouraged to mislead and take advantage of unsuspecting and uninformed lease holders.  We are here to prevent that from happening to you, and more importantly, get you the absolute highest price for the use of your property.

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